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Valkyrie MTB's Philisophy

mountainbiking for women

For ca 15 years I have specialized on teaching women to get the most out of their mountainbikes. It is not about segregating women and men, but to educate female riders to be able to join and ride in any group constellation with joy and confidence.

Many women put themselves under pressure when the group they are riding with is stronger and faster, and therefore often don't have the ride they deserve. i have made it my mission to change that.

Invest in yourself

I  believe that many women learn best from other women, and mountainbiking is a personal experience, and that is what I love about it.

I know that the best results are accomplished when time is taken to work with each individual, that is why I don't budge on keeping my groups small. Quality will always come before quantity when you book with Valkyrie MTB.

Your journey is the goal

I prioritize a stress and pressure free environment and learning from experience, fear is a destructive force, but with the right tools it can be worked around.

If you experience fear, induced by a previous accident, or you are recovering from illness or struggling with personal blockades, a one to one session is the best place for you to find your confidence and safe zone. I will always respect your situation and do my best to work around it, but I won't let your situation stop you. Togther we will find the tools you need to move forward.

Everybody feels insecure from time to time, but I know how it feels when you overcome those feelings, and that its worth fighting for. Whatever you bring with you, I got your back.

Own your flow - discover your path

My goal is to empower you!  To provide you with the tools to ride with confidence, self esteem, control and set a base for development.

A basic course is not about being able to ride steep trails, it is about finding your style and personal fun.

In groups you meet like minded riders to share the stoke with, where as private sessions are for individualist.

No matter the course level, my job is to get you to know and extend your limits and elevate your skills. Slower, faster, flatter, steeper, I will provide you with the skills you need, to take charge of your experience and enjoy it.


When you are ready to step up your riding and have become safe enough to be curious to try new trails, bikepark trainings and trail tours are the next step for you. Bikeparks might sound scary but they are designed for you to learn how you get the most fun out of your bike. Supported by lifts or gondolas it gives us time to pin down and correct your style for you to find your flow.

Create awesomeness

Many friendships are formed and bonded during bike rides, but it’s also a place for calm and peace. The perfect “me-time”. I am always open to ideas and wishes and I have a  wide range of trail/park/tour options for you to choose from. Just ask me and I can promise, you wont be disappointed.

What to book

With Valkyrie MTB you can book a spot in one of the group trainings here on the homepage under Bikepark Training to mix learn trail skills with meeting new friends.

I am organizing private group rides for only you and your friends. I believe it makes sense to do a course day with your crew.

Book a private lesson if you want your time and space. Maximum effectiveness and focus on you. Together we decide location, bike, level and what type of riding you want to do. All you need to do is contact me.

Guided E-MTB Tours for mixed groups & couples

Treat yourself and bring only your best friend or your partner on a deluxe all inclusive day or weekend e-mtb adventure. I have everything from city tours, to easy for all mountain tours to huts serving the most delicious local food. If you have enough experience I'll show you on a real adventure in a day. 

Easy or advances tours, I live here because of my love of the beautiful panoramas and mighty mountain views. Let me share them with you.


Valkyrie MTB has an ongoing and long term partnership with Specialized Bicycles, one of the worlds leading brands for bikes and equipment. We only want the best for our guests and if you are new to the sport, looking to buy a new bike or are traveling without your own equipment, we provide the possibility to ride the latest Specialized e-mountainbikes Turbo Levo and Turbo Levo SL and pedaled mountainbikes such as the Enduro, free of charge when booking a course, ride or adventure with us.

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